See into the Sea

Sea Matrix is a platform for data-driven-discovery using artificial intelligence (AI)
especially for underwater target and threat mitigation. Sea Matrix can also integrate and
automate above surface data sources and subsurface threat vectors for the whole of
situational awareness. For sonar data the algorithm is at least 100x faster than human
inference capabilities thereby, improving warfighter safety and security. Sea Matrix
provides a competitive edge that is also cost effective. Sea Matrix can utilize all the
sonar data available from devices on a vessel or networked across vessels at the same
time to find and visualize underwater targets or threats fast. Combined with geo
location, this finds the targets you prefer at AI speed, ranks and visualizes them in a
single pane of glass, empowering warfighters at sea to both survive and prevail.


The Problem



Sea Matrix

A Machine Learning Solution

A trained autonomous model increases safety and reduces costs. The ocean is a dangerous place. Sea Matrix makes it safer.


Sea Matrix Technology

Software Defined Sonar

Detection of objects underwater is an important goal in many security and recovery applications. However, underwater detection is a challenging problem as common electro-optical imaging methods work poorly underwater. Interpretation of images obtained using echogram techniques (such as sonar or ultrasound images) requires trained and experienced personnel. Even with training, it can be difficult to distinguish objects of interest from the background in an echogram.


"Machines can process images much faster than humans" Steve Ingram - Retired US Navy Ohio Class Submarine Captain.

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