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Software Defined Sonar

Detection of objects underwater is an important goal in many security and recovery applications. However, underwater detection is a challenging problem as common electro-optical imaging methods work poorly underwater. Interpretation of images obtained using echogram techniques (such as sonar or ultrasound images) requires trained and experienced personnel. Even with training, it can be difficult to distinguish objects of interest from the background in an echogram.


"Machines can process images much faster than humans" Steve Ingram - Retired US Navy


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Our team is made up of bright and diverse-minded individuals, who've been highly vetted and selected for maximum potential by the Defense Innovation Accelerator matching breakthrough DoD and national labs technologies. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for delivering value ties us all together.


Bruce Altmann


b2b tech | ai software and solutions | Strategy and SALES | Product Mgmt, GTM, CX | machine learning certified | business consultant | PreSales and Solution Architect | data engineer and data science | ... former CTO, full stack programmer & F1000 IT staff |


Michael Manuccia

FedTech Mentor

 I love building companies with disruptive technology. I'm really excited to be a part of something special at Improbable - we're bringing synthetic environments to the U.S. defense space to help leaders make better, more informed decisions and help the warfighter train like they fight. Send me a note if you'd like to learn more about our team!

My last company, Strivr (an immersive technology SaaS employee training company), was one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative companies in the World (2016, 2019 and 2020) and an one of Inc's Best Workplaces for 2019.


Bill Walker


Professional Change Agent, driving efficiency and modernization efforts through automation, cloud computing and cloud-like capabilities, consolidation, virtualization, deployment strategies, and just making IT work.

Specialties: IT Modernization, Cloud Computing, IT Automation and Orchestration, Virtualization, Consolidation, Datacenter Efficiency, M2M / Internet of Things, NFV, SDN, ...


Michael Chan


Data Analytics, Data Fusion, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, Embedded Sensors, Edge AI, Decision Support, Agile Software, Program Management, Intellectual Property.

Eric Frazier_19-10-30_0441.jpg

Eric Frazier


Silicon Valley Entrepreneur with startup experience at Hive Computing, and Tensor Networks. 20+ years of work experience in sales and marketing with IBM, Cisco, Itron, Delta Electronics, and Oracle.  Bachelors of Business Administration from The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX, and Sustainability and Environmental Management graduate level studies at the Harvard Extension School, Cambridge, MA.

I love developing value and opportunity so that more people can be independent.


Joel Burke

FedTech Coach

MA Candidate at Georgetown's International Business & Policy program, a joint degree from the school of foreign service and school of business. I also serve as a part-time partner at Tribe AI, a collective of some of the world's foremost artificial intelligence and ML engineers, scientists, and researchers from places like Netflix, Amazon, and Stanford who come together to work on interesting enterprise projects.

Previously, I was leading BD at the Republic of Estonia's e-Residency program, led a Rocket Internet venture focused on the future of work and gig economy, and was an early employee at Gigster, a YC/Andreessen backed startup. I'm passionate about the intersection of tech and policy, making products that work for people, and defending democracy.


Sea Matrix

Machine Learning

A trained autonomous model increases safety and reduces costs. The ocean is a dangerous place. Sea Matrix makes it safer.


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